Addressing Stunting with Innovative Solutions in Sidoarjo

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Screenshot of Sidoarjo Stunting Care mobile apps, previously known as KOPI PAHIT

Screenshot of Sidoarjo Stunting Care mobile apps, previously known as KOPI PAHIT

As the government of Indonesia keeps trying to lower the prevalence of stunting, many innovative approaches have emerged from the bottom up. One of the innovations that achieved high utility and degree of success is the Porong Compilation of Prevention and Treatment of Stunting (Kompilasi Inovasi Porong Cegah dan Atasi Stunting, KOPI PAHIT), an application made by Porong Public Health Center in Sidoarjo, East Java. KOPI PAHIT distinguishes itself by its user-friendly design. Healthcare providers and caregivers can readily utilize it to evaluate the risk of stunting in children. The application will then guide users through a questionnaire to identify contributing factors if stunting is detected. This online approach allows for efficient data collection and analysis. 

The impact of KOPI PAHIT is evident in the drastic reduction of stunting rates in Sidoarjo, dropping from 20% to a mere 3%. With its features and impact, KOPI PAHIT has secured its position in the Top 99 Public Service Innovations in the Public Service Innovation Competition organized by the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB). Recognizing the success and local ownership of the initiative, the KOPI PAHIT has undergone rebranding, now known as Sidoarjo Stunting Care. The local government (LG) of Sidoarjo is scaling up the innovation to be implemented in all sub-districts with USAID ERAT support. This rebranding reflects the program’s integration into the fabric of the Sidoarjo community and its commitment to addressing stunting comprehensively. However, the sustainability of these initiatives hinges upon continued support and collaboration. With the guidance from KemenPAN-RB and technical support from USAID ERAT in promoting the replication of this local innovation, as of February 2024, 29 primary healthcare centers (puskesmas) in Porong Subdistrict, Sidoarjo have committed to utilizing the KOPI PAHIT mobile application. By March 2024, data from these puskesmas have been successfully inputted, providing valuable insights into stunting prevalence and distribution across the region.

The LG of Sidoarjo has committed IDR 4.6 billion to facilitate the KOPI PAHIT scale-up into Sidoarjo Stunting Care. However, USAID ERAT is supporting efforts to advocate for additional budget allocation for targeted interventions based on the data collected by the LG through the app. The journey of Sidoaro in tackling stunting through this initiative serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovation, collaboration, and sustained efforts in bringing about tangible improvements in public health challenges. 

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